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Client Testimonials


Herbal Consultation Testemonials

"I had a vicious migraine and through Kelly's suggestions I was nearly pain free within and hour and a half. This is a first for me and although the flavor of the tea wasn't in my top ten, it worked and that's all I needed. Thanks, Kelly.  I hope more people take you up on your knowledge. Big win in my book. I'm also stocking up on the ingredients for any future migraines." - BO, Fairfield County, CT

Flower Essence Consultation Testimonials

“I was battling with some blockages and Kelly had assisted me in a way that made me really trust her. The knowledge and experience Kelly has in Flower Essences has helped with those blocks that I was experiencing. Kelly is very much needed in our community, as I know that she can help many others with passion and skill behind every action. Anyone that works with Kelly, will be truly blessed with an amazing loving and compassionate soul. She works from the heart; that’s why I continue to work with Kelly.” -DM, New Haven County, CT 

"Kelly is such a beautiful soul and lovely person!  She immediately makes you feel so comfortable and she is such a knowledgeable herbalist! Her intuition and insights were spot on.  Highly recommend her if you are looking to heal on an energetic level." - ML, Brookfield, CT

Subconcious Energy Healing Session Testimonial

"Ten day update! Eight pounds down!!!! Energy levels through the roof! Making better food choices but not feeling guilty or deprived when I eat those 4 cookies and/or a cupcake! Not working out at all (maybe eventually but if you know me, probably not).  Feeling lighter both physically and emotionally, happier, more relaxed! With the gain in energy, I’ve lost the need to snack on carbs and sugar to get energy which has been a huge hurdle for me my entire life! Thanks Kelly!" - AA, Fairfield County, CT

Reiki Energy Healing Testimonials

“Kelly's knowledge, sensitive nature, and healing manner intrigued me to try reiki again after 15 years. I was comforted to know Kelly had prepared and set intention prior to my arrival. When I first laid down on the massage table I had to have my head turned to my right side due to a lot of tension in my neck. After about ten minutes into our session I was able to adjust my neck to align with my body. In retrospect that was small to what I was about to experience in whole. I can honestly say I was able to feel the energy moving and swirling around my torso. I felt it as if was plucked from my belly button. I did have my eyes masked for my own relaxation but I was comfortable enough to confirm with Kelly what I was feeling. After our forty minute session I was on an emotional high. I felt renewed and positive.  I was open to her feedback and can honestly say it has enriched my life. Along with her undeniable talent, she is a dedicated professional and all-around great person. She always manages to foster positive and thought evoking conversations leaving me with a new focus.” -KA, Fairfield County, CT 

Workshop Testimonials

“Kelly was articulate, passionate and knowledgeable. Her demeanor is gentle and you can tell people automatically feel comfortable and drawn to her.” – JB, Trumbull, CT 

“Kelly is an absolutely fabulous and inspiring herbalist that makes amazing products! She has a true gift in healing! I know I'll be staying posted on future classes, as well!” - SR, Bethel, CT 

“Very informative.” - MC, Trumbull, CT 

“Absolutely awesome!! Loved this workshop!! Thank you Kelly Pietro!!!” - DB, Monroe, CT 

“What a great workshop! Kelly is knowledgeable and fun!” – SQ, Monroe, CT

Product Testimonials

"After a vacation with her grandparents and an “I forgot to put sunscreen on her”, my daughter came home to the WORST sunburn I’ve ever seen on anyone. To the point where she couldn’t even walk. Instead of going to the local drug store...I called in an SOS to Kelly! Even though she already had a full plate of things to do, she rushed right to making her a healing tea and an oil to get her back to her old self. Within hours of applying Kelly’s tea and oil to my daughter’s skin, she felt relief and was able to sleep that night. What Kelly did for my daughter was simply magical, and no OTC brand could have done what Kelly’s products did for her. She truly is a talented individual and the fact that she makes natural, safe products for us is such a blessing!! Kelly’s Magic!!!"  -SR, Fairfield County, CT

“I love this (Smudge Spray)! I use it at home and at work in my healing space. It’s amazingly effective. Smells fantastic, too!” -JC, Fairfield County, CT