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Flower Essence Consultations


Kelly will work with you to identify which emotional patterns you are looking to release in order to achieve the most positive, meaningful, effective, and gentle healing experience.  


What is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower Essence Therapy is an energetic herbal healing modality that allows the client to feel relief from emotional patterns held in the body. The results can range from subtle to significant energetic changes in well-being. Often times a client will report relief from physical symptoms as a result of Flower Essence Therapy. Flower essences, especially combined with a consultative approach, can help a client to release emotional patterns that hold them back from being in alignment with their true selves. 

What is a Flower Essence? 

Flower Essences are herbal infusions made from the flowering part of the plant, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. As vibrational herbal remedies, they are supportive for those looking for an energetic healing experience. Flower Essences work on the emotional body, rather than the physical body, so there are no herb/drug interactions to be concerned with. There are also no contraindications so they are safe for most people, including those who are on medications.*

* These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.  

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Reiki Energetic Healing Session



Reiki is an energetic healing technique where the practitioner channels energy into the clients’ body by means of touch in order to activate the natural healing processes. The result is restored physical and emotional well-being. Your session will begin with a brief review of any health concerns, and will include time afterwards to integrate the healing. 

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What Clients Are Saying


"I was battling with some blockages and Kelly had assisted me in a way that made me really trust her. The knowledge and experience Kelly has in Flower Essences has helped with those blocks that I was experiencing. Kelly is very much needed in our community, as I know that she can help many others with passion and skill behind every action. Anyone that works with Kelly, will be truly blessed with an amazing loving and compassionate soul. She works from the heart; that’s why I continue to work with Kelly.” -DM, New Haven County, CT  | Flower Essence Consultation

"Kelly's knowledge, sensitive nature, and healing manner intrigued me to try reiki again after 15 years. I was comforted to know Kelly had prepared and set intention prior to my arrival. When I first laid down on the massage table I had to have my head turned to my right side due to a lot of tension in my neck. After about ten minutes into our session I was able to adjust my neck to align with my body. In retrospect that was small to what I was about to experience in whole. I can honestly say I was able to feel the energy moving and swirling around my torso. I felt it as if was plucked from my belly button. I did have my eyes masked for my own relaxation but I was comfortable enough to confirm with Kelly what I was feeling. After our forty minute session I was on an emotional high. I felt renewed and positive.  I was open to her feedback and can honestly say it has enriched my life. Along with her undeniable talent, she is a dedicated professional and all-around great person. She always manages to foster positive and thought evoking conversations leaving me with a new focus.” -KA, Fairfield County, CT  | Reiki Healing